Tips and tricks #3

Another week another #tipsandtricks and as we all know 3 is the magic number I thought we’d look at 3 Skin Prep tips because

Good skin prep = magic makeup!

Pukka Tea

1) Rehydrate! I know your’ve heard it a million times before ..but really if you can get used to a large class of tepid water first thing in the morning everyday before you put anything else into your body this not only kick starts your endocrine system but you skin will be glowing in a matter of days !

2) Of course all of us takes our makeup off at night (!?) but are you indulging your skin with a serum or oil before your night cream? One of my favourite is Neal’s Yard Rehydrating Rose Oil.

NYO Rehydrating Rose oil
Rehydrating Rose Oil

To be used after makeup removal and cleanse and toned dry the skin and massage a small amount all over the face and neck allow a couple of minutes to soak in and follow with a moisturiser.

3) Eye creams or gel, these are a great way to help prevent those laughter lines get too pronounced but are you using them correctly? Its very easy to over do it and it can in some instants cause more harm than good when fatty deposit pimples arise around the very fine skin tissue under the eye. Keep the placement of the product very much to the upper cheekbone/lower eye socket area for optimum results .

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