Tips and Tricks #5:

Maybeline Kajal
Khol liner

Pencils are the key!


These are a great starting point!

Since the 80’s the mere pencils have been on back burner of most women’s makeup bags but dont be deceived they can be a great tool and the come in great colours to mix it up!

Skill set is minimal. All you do is draw as closely to the lash line as you can to define the eye, trying to keep it slightly thicker toward the outer corner

Then with a short blending brush (or even your finger!) smudge out toward the outer eye to create a smokey effect. Then use a more neutral powder, (translucent or face power works well) just to set and soften the edges then voila! Soft sultry smokey eyes!

Mac cosmetics 239
Perfect blender

Add a little to the lower lash line with the same technique either one third or two thirds for more definition.

#tip Remember the third or two thirds rule Never draw the line to half the eye only ‘third or two thirds’ .

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