Tips and tricks #6 Braid /plait / pleat.

woman in black tank top with braided hair
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Heres a wee #tip&trick for a braid around the front hairline.

1) Take a 3 piece section around 1-2inches thick (smaller for smaller braid) from the front corner of the hairline (either side works)

2) Look away from the mirror and start your first cross of the braid ( if you look in the mirror your likely to work back to front)

3) Check in mirror to take your first ‘pick up section ‘ from the front hairline then look away again and complete the second and third cross over keep this going until you reach the point where you want the braid to finish either above the ear or just past the temple.

#tip taking the sections just from the front side allows the Braid to lift slightly toward the front which means you see it more and it saves trying to pick out neat sections from the back of your head which you cant see so well!

4) Secure with a non snagging band then use a Kirby folded into and under the braid to keep it flat to the head.


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