Tips and tricks#8

Howdy all!

With the depths of winter looming just wanted to remind you all of the #tipsandtricks for the ‘drying out season!’

  • Drink hot 💦 even if it’s herbal teas it’s known that if your down with the cold the body needs warm liquid to held kill the cold off and it’s great for keeping thee skin hydrated from central heating!

    Pukka Tea
  • Aim to take makeup off around 8pm this is an optimum skin rejuvenating time ,
  • Use an oil or serum before night moisturiser .
  • Food such as Avocado , nuts and red grapes are great for your skin and hair so choose your snacks wisely!
  • Now is a good time to use a good toner after cleansing to brighten the skin,  My favourite is Alpha H liquid gold with glycolic acid use every other evening for optimum results.

Alpha H

Liquid Gold , Alpha H.

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